Wacky Little Words - How to beat a case of the Mondays

Happy Monday to ya! Our Day 4 prompt is Wacky Little Words, and it comes from Me and my needs.

This weekend my family went on a mini camping trip. The whole point was to let the kids (ages 5 and under) experience a night under the stars. The trip was great, but the aftermath is a family of zombies on this gloomy summer day.

On these rough and tough days I always turn to pretty words for a quick pick up me. Mix happy sayings with your favorite podcast (This American Life) or Pandora station and soon enough you're feeling all groovy. A Baskin Robbins lunch closer doesn't hurt either. 

On a sorta recent trip to Santa Cruz we passed by a street musician who had the most awesome little bowl of inspirational quotes available for your spirit lifting needs. These little pieces of paper and ink made my day!

Little things like this are what the World needs more of! How do you beat a case of the Mondays? 

Want more cute quotes? Check out my Pinterest Board: Wacky Little Words.

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