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It's SUNDAY, and one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Day 3's prompt is 5 favorite blogs and it comes from Fabulous Mom Blog

Andrea Jenkins is the girl behind the screen/camera and she is AMAZING. Her brain is so pretty, her pictures are simply beautiful, and her whole family is a huge ball of disco party fun. I've been reading Hula's blog since 2005. I have witnessed some of her happiest moments along with some very hard times. I feel like I really know this girl which is sort of creepy and really cool at the same time.

2. curves and chaos

Monique not only runs a great fashion & beauty blog, but she focuses on the curvy (plus size) girls. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into fashion and beauty. I am pretty simple about things, but Monique makes everything so fun to read and since I feel like she's really talking to ME - I kinda dig it! I first "met" Monique through the Blogs by Latinas directory. It was a small directory that has grown into an amazing world wide directory for Blogs by Latinas, duh! It was the first of it's kind and helped me to connect to bloggers like me. You can now find Monique contributing in magazines, multiple fashion sites, and at blogging conferences nationwide. Way to go ma! I am so happy for your success!

3. girl gone child

Rebecca at Girl Gone Child makes every mom slightly jealous, just admit it, she has beautiful children, great blogs, perfect pictures, and the most amazing IDGAF hair ever. Rebecca tells great stories about her life. She is honest, and that is a great quality for a blogger to have. There is no perfect life being painted for the readers, but they all look perfectly imperfect. This girl has got "Swag" - do kids still say that?

4. our city lights

This is another blog that I have been reading forever and ever. Diana, "like the camera" gives her readers a little bit of everything pretty. The site is clean and layout is simple and easy to read. Her pictures are always fun, and she gives some great crafting tips, and has a great sense of humor. Diana feels like your gal pal. With her everyday is an adventure.

5. Magpie Co. (formally

Liz is a super creative gal who loves to make these look cohesive. Her site is a breath of fresh air. I get a break from flashing ads and overbearing sidebars. Liz is another down to earth latina who is interested in a little bit of everything. Magpie has a lot to offer, and has some reoccurring features that make you come back for the next installment. I love the way Liz put things together and gets you thinking outside the box. Super chill chick!

There they are. Hope you enjoy flipping around each of these, and be sure to leave some of your favorites in the comments for me to check out.

It's not too late to join the 31 days of craziness! Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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