Keep on Looking forward

Day 11, Looking Forward

Today marks the 7th anniversary of our blessed marriage. I am right where I should be in life; maybe just a few more bills that the fairy-tale, but you get the point. My husband, and my baby boys make me feel like the luckiest lady around.

On this day when I am glancing back at our relationship it's almost more fun to look forward and imagine all of the things that we have yet to experience together. 

When we started out as Mr. & Mrs. we had a few goals... kids, a house, a new car, a dog, and an awesome vacation. Luckily for us, we've been able to knock that list out in the few short years we've been hanging around together.

In the upcoming years of our marriage we hope to...

  • take another amazing vacation - with these crazy kids
  • buy a family vehicle
  • spend more time outdoors with each other and our doggy
  • become debt free - other than the house of course... eventually that too
  • continue to love each other the way we do, or more than we do now.
  • see our babies off to their first days of school
  • have an amazing feast with our closest friends at a equally amazing restaurant

I am looking forward to many more years with my main (and only) squeeze. He balances me and I love him so much for being the down to earth, take it slow, let it vibe soul that he is. Happy anniversary husband! I love you soooo very much!


Laura said...

happy anniversary! I love the both look great!

Chymere Anais said...

So beautiful! Wishing you guys many more blissful years to go!! ♥