It's a challenge

31 Days of anything seems a little crazy. Now, 31 days of blogging is super insane considering that I have spent well over 31 days coming to my blog, starting posts and getting distracted by links in other blogs.

I guess it's time to buckle down, use my new found hour of "me time" and get this stuff going. As long as I can keep from peeking at Pinterest or PoppyTalk then I should be fine. See how easy it is to get distracted!! I just had to go to both of those sites to copy the links!

Anyhow - The challenge is simply described as 31 prompts that I have already pulled in from different sites online or cute little pictures I found when searching for 31 day challenges. I have drafts started with the topics and all I will have to do is stop by and just do them!

For Day 1 I am taking my prompt from The Sits Girls:

What is something blogging has taught you about yourself?

Most recently blogging has taught me that I don't make time to do me things that make me happy. Being at work, wrestling kids at home, trying to get some adult time in at the end of a busy day, then breastfeeding all through the night (I swear I am up every other hour of my three - five hours of sleep), has me beat in the morning. Then I get to do it all over again. Weekend comes and I just want to escape, but then I am paying for it on Monday when I didn't get any rest in and all I can do is beg for the next Saturday morning... blah blah blah - you get it right? I am wearing myself out and becoming whiny mommy because of it. 

I don't like whiny mommies.

Blogging in the past was always a creative outlet for me. It was a diary, an inspiration board, a to-do list, and all sorts of cool things for me. In the past, I knew that blogging was teaching me to accept the person that I am and all of my craziness. Blogging taught me that I was not alone in my Miranda July obsession, or love of all things bright yellow. Blogging has taught me to believe in my thoughts, to trust my gut, and to follow my heart.

At the very beginning of my blogging journey, blogging taught me how to heal. I was able to let go of so many hurts, and I learned to forgive by sharing my past, owning my mistakes, and setting myself free from what I could not control. 

I know I keep popping in and out of this place, but I so strongly desire to blog with the passion that I once was able to bring to this little place.

I am so grateful for this prompt because it made me realize that I am not at all being selfish with my time when it comes to blogging. At the beginning of this post I did not expect this, but I now see how much I need this blog, and just how much I have to learn from giving myself a space to "talk" and then go back and "listen" to me.

Feel free to join along in this "challenge" if you'd like. If you don't already have a blog and are just reading along because you know me in real life and like to support me, then maybe think about what you might have to learn from blogging. It's lots of fun, I promise!


Doralynn Escutia said...

I love reading your blogs Jess! Keep it up...
Maybe I'll start a blog of my own. Thank you for the inspiration!xoxoxo

Chymere Anais said...

Yayy! I'm so excited for you!

Me time is important, especially when you feel like you're juggling the planets! Everyone needs that time to be able to create, express themselves, and simply do what makes them happy, so it's good to know that you're finding that time and space to feed your soul.

I did a blog challenge last month and although it did live up to the word 'challenge', it was still really fun. I think I want to do maybe 1 or 2 per year from here on out. Looking forward to all your 31 days days of writing prompts! Needy readers like me have missed you!

♥ Chymere A.