Dog Tale

Day 5: Epic Failure from my own creative genius...

Last week my dad mentioned to us that his friend was getting rid of his German Shepherd pup. My dad is a total dog person, and has passed it on to us. Growing up I had a couple of German Shepherds and a few Dobermans and they were always the sweetest most cuddly dogs. They are super great about making you feel loved and safe.

When my dad told me about the opportunity to get this puppy for FREE, I was totally about it. Friday we picked up some doggy essentials and then went on our camping tripping knowing that come Monday we would be picking up our new dog. 

Monday night comes, we are home, new dog, Agent Oso, meets my beloved Starkee aka old dog. They play, they run, they act a little crazy, but nothing more than is expected. Monday - super night - (that means later on that night) Agent Oso is playing a little too rough with little ol' Starkee and it gets us all pretty bummed. 

Oso, would not let Starkee approach his bowl, he would not let Starkee rest in his house, he was pretty much being a big ol' stinker. Or in dog language, he was trying to take the role of Alpha. I get that this is 100% normal in the dog world, but my poor little 3 year old did not see it that way, and to be honest I was a little fearful for Starkee who is less than half of Oso's size. 

I could see years down the line these two great pals, but I could not see how we could keep the peace for the night. Pretty soon the whole neighborhood's dog club was on and barking, and I couldn't let it go.

At 11pm my poor father had to come to our house to take Agent Oso away. I felt like such a FAILURE. I hadn't even given him a full day to get used to each other. I was so sleepy and irritated with barks and toddler concerns that I just could not take not one more minute of it. 

While waiting for my dad to arrive Starkee laid across the living room floor on his Scooby-Doo blanket and just watched the evening news with us. He was so peaceful and happy to be with us. I looked at him and felt a love that I had not felt in a long long time.

Pre Parenthood  he was our baby, we sat under the tree with him, played around in the yard, but once my babies were around I focused so much on them that I forgot how great of a dog we have.

Although we do not have the time and opportunity to work out Starkee and Agent Oso's friendship, at least the failed pet ownership served as a reminder of how much I love my pup and how I will protect him just like my very own child. 

There is always something to be learned from our failures. Keep that in mind while your ridding though your own storms. 

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