Behind the name WLH

Day 9's prompt is Behind the name.

For those of you who have followed me around the web you might remember names like - The Giant Typo, heyJayka, Duck Tales, Keeping up with the Taylors, or even Discovering Alonzo. These are all blogs I had a different points in time, but once my blog turned into more of a family blog I felt that the "hey Jayka" name no longer matched the content, and the Discovering Alonzo blog was too specific, so I set those both as archives and moved forward with WACKY LITTLE HOUSE. 

I think that you get the picture that we are pretty crazy, wacky, insane, and our house is tiny, little, cozy, so we sort of blend our personality with our actual little house and it seemed to fit so well. What I like most about the name is that it can grow with us... Wacky Little Creations (still working on it) will be our home crafted baby and tot goodies, Wacky Little Reviews is of course all of our product/media review, Wacky Little this and that as we continue along. 

Sometimes I feel like it's so darn long, but overall I like it. I like it a lot. 

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