20 Facts - The List

Day 2's prompt comes from Outmumbered, which is where most of my prompts will originate from.

  1. I love lists!
  2. I usually stick my tongue out when I take silly pictures. (as seen above)
  3. I am on Weight Watchers, and really suck at tracking, but I want it to work out.
  4. I take my shoes off as soon as I walk through my door. My pants too if I can get away with it!
  5. I collect postcards. I haven't been active in this hobby lately, but I still have some pretty cool ones.
  6. I guess you could say I live in a constant state of Wanderlust. I am also obsessed with globes & maps.
  7. I've sent myself invites to sites like AirBnB, & Zulily so that I can get referral credits. You can click on those links and sign up! I will get credit on your first transactions. Help a sista out!
  8. I am the oldest of five children, and the only girl. I call my brothers "my babies" even though they are all over 18.
  9. I met my husband on Myspace. No, I was not "looking for love", but it worked out that way.
  10. Thanks to Myspace's cupid skills, I am now a mommy to two handsome boys.
  11. I 've had my house broken into. I now look at everyone as a possible suspect.
  12. I am working on my trust issues. I need to realize that all of society is not really out to get me.
  13. I am slightly mega crushing on the nerdiness of Ira Glass. He's pretty awesome.
  14. My office is always clean. My house, not so much.
  15. I love to take pictures with my camera, but I hate carrying my camera.
  16. I feel like I am a big bag of contradictions. You can call me Paradox.
  17. If I don't know the answer to something my husband asks me, I will usually make up a story. When I can think no further or I am including unicorns and ice cream cones then I tell him I really have no clue.
  18. I have a love hate relationship with breastfeeding.
  19. I just signed up for a Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine course. It's free and starts soon if you are interested.
  20. I am madly in love with my husband, my children, my God, and Pistachio Gelato
If you have decided to join along on these 31 days of fun please be sure to leave your links below so that I can check you out! You're prompts don't have to be the same as mine - feel free to look around and pull together what works for you. Let's face it you aren't always going to be feeling the prompt of one challenge every assigned day so give yourself some flexibility and have fun!

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