Belly Aching

Holy water! It's been a couple rough weeks over at the Wacky Little House. We've been dealing with heading back to work, a 31st birthday, a 3rd birthday, the stomach flu, teeball season, and now what I thought was food poisonous- that might actually be a second round of the stomach flu, and all within the past three week!

Sorry for the missing face but I just couldn't pull it off to be here too. I do have tons of Drafts that I guess I should go back and finish though. Rest assured, I believe that we're at the end of this yucky tummy thing, and finally things seem like they are getting back on track.

In order to ease back into things I'll leave you with a list of the top 4 highlights, here we go:

1. Unexpected trip to our lovely San Francisco. We caught cool street performances along Pier 39, shopped like we weren't locals (magnets and SF sweatshirts included), spent some time at the park, and enjoyed the tasty treats that the Ferry Building has to offer.

2. Returned to work and sent baby boy off to his first day of day care. It was a rough one, but we both survived.

3. Celebrated two of my favorite dudes birthdays! Hubby had lots of yummy BBQ and scored a great sampling of some craft brews. Silly Big Brother turned 3 and got pizza wasted with his best pals.

4. Mommy got a new sewing machine! I need lots of practice and luckily was able to hunt down lots of fun fabrics at our local Savers. My goal is to make some mommy and baby items to put up in a shop to help pay some bills around here. Nursing covers, bibs, leggings, toys, and more will be coming soon! And for very reasonable pricing!

That's all from this side of the screen. How has everyone been? Where are you guys at? Please leave your blog links in the comments so that I can be sure to follow along in your wacky adventures!


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Laura said...

Great to hear from you! I love that you're going to take up sewing to help with bills - I hope it is a roaring success. xoxo