Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic

I recently was given the opportunity to preview the latest Doc McStuffins DVD, "Doc Mc Stuffins: Mobile Clinic". As the mommy of a Disney obsessed toddler, I jumped on the opportunity and patiently awaited the goodies. Once I received the package I bribed the kid with a "surprise" in exchange for a clean bedroom. It worked like a charm and the prize was well worth the work.

My son pretty much flipped out when he was given his new toys and movie. He even said, "Mommy - it's not my birthday yet."

The kit came with a Play-Doh Doctor Kit, an Octoscope Projector, a super cute cup (which I claimed for myself), the Mobile Clinic DVD that includes a free doctor tote, and an awesome poster.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Doc McStuffins, she is a young girl who has the special ability to communicate with toy friends to help them when they have physical or emotional bangs and bruises. In Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic DVD, Doc and her trusty team rescue Dress-Up Daisy from a tree. Then, they race to the park in time to help a wind-up mouse get back to doing fantastic flips.

What I liked so much about Mobile Clinic was how the character is supported by not only her toy friends, but also by her father who is right there to fulfill her needs and support her in her desire to help the toy of the other young girl from the park. The toy characters show a lot of compassion and Doc comes across as a down to earth sincere young girl. 

As a self proclaimed "progressive", I am really digging the fact that Doc McStuffins is not your average light skinned main character, she is a little black girl who wants to be a doctor like her mother. Doc's dad is a stay at home father who tends to the household and helps build and support his daughters imagination. This isn't the norm for children's programming, and I love that. 

Being the mother of a mixed race (Black and Latino) child it is difficult to find books, videos, and such where my son can physically identify with the characters, and he does just that with Doc. Previously, Disney had Handy Manny who is a great brown skin guy, but you see him in the stereotypical role of handy man. Doc goes beyond a stereotype and shows a woman of color in a position that is not often reflected in the media and gives kids a higher goal to aspire to.

All in all, my son is enjoying his new video and there are Play-Doh Stuffy's & Lambie's everywhere. I am also happy to report that we have all had our check ups and are doing great now thanks to Doctor Lonnie. 

This DVD was recently released, on March 18th, and contains a total of 5 episodes (really 10) plus a free Doc Tote. If you'd like to check out Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic DVD you can follow the links in this post to purchase the video and find some great toys for the precious children in your life.


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