A New Beginning ... Fitness Friday

I am certain that every mommy out there had "get back into my jeans" on their list of postpartum goals. I too made that promise to myself towards the end of my pregnancy, and it seems that I can now check that off of my list.

In the months before being blessed with my second pregnancy I was working out regularly, eating healthy - fresh - mostly organic foods, and living an active life with my family. For me this was a big change as I had spent most of my life obese, immobile, and too comfortable to change. I actually credit this change in lifestyle for my pregnancy, as my husband and I had previously had fertility issues. As you may be beginning to imagine, fitness was something great that I had welcomed into my life and I did not want to lost that.

Fast forward to the final weeks of my pregnancy, I began to make fitness/health goals for myself, and at the top of the list was "fit back into my jeans." Thanks to breastfeeding and a small baby, I was able to jump back in my jeans in no time, but then I saw my real goal... get back into my "skinny jeans". For me, these jeans are still plus size pants, but they are the smallest pants that I own and that I have been able to squeeze into in my adult life.

Today I am happy to announce that I was able to button up these pants.

For about 10 weeks I've been following the Weight Watcher program. This program gives me an allowance of points that I can use each day, a little bonus amount to distribute around the week as needed, and I get to earn more yummy points as a trade off for activities that I track. I even get a few extra points to make sure that I am getting enough to keep breastfeeding. You can round that up to, I am not starving, I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want... as long as I am accountable for it with my points.

I am down a total of 21 pounds, and two pant sizes.

I am now dedicating Fridays (my weigh in day) to blogging about health and fitness. Hopefully you will following along on my journey and help me uncover the woman that I am under all of this juicy jelly.

Get out, get moving, and have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

way to go! I'm so proud of you!!!! I admire your transparency as you move along on this journey. I'm a big cheerleader for you from Hawaii! You've so got this.