What a day...

Guess what folks, I'm currently blogging while my husband drives me to the hospital to be induced. Yup, baby is coming sooner than expected. 

Since week 20 of this pregnancy things have been sort of complicated and not too fun. Baby has an issue (can't think of the spelling at the moment) with his kidneys where they are enlarged. We've been monitored by specialist and they continued to be enlarged throughout the pregnancy. Because of this we will have to have more testing done on Ahmir once he's born. That's one issue and we were pretty much coming to peace with it. 

Then comes our 36 week ultrasound where they were going to check on baby's growth. Well, problem #2... Baby is growing too slowly. He's about three weeks too small. Since this ultrasound we've been having regular non stress tests and today I had a follow up ultrasound. At the ultrasound I was told that the baby's growth is around the 10th percentile. Anything under 20 is sensitive, and 10 & under is really not good. Especially with the history of large babies in my family. 

After leaving the ultrasound, and heading to lunch with my husband we got a call from the doctors that the fluid levels were low. They told us, head home and grab some stuff then head right for the hospital. 

We'll, I'm about 10 mins away from being admitted and was told I won't be leaving until after I deliver. We are 38 weeks, so baby should do fine. Please keep us in your prayers. I'm not really sure we were ready to be having this baby already, but here we go!


Chymere Anais said...

Joining you in prayer for your health, your boys, and the safe delivery of the new addition! ♥

Laura said...

praying for you and Ahmir and everyone else! May it go better than anyone anticipates. And this picture of you is GORGEOUS. Totally stunning.