First day of the year


I spent my time being lazy at home with my baby boy Lonnie.

Daddy brought us home an unhealthy dinner, and we enjoyed it. Mostly we enjoyed him being home.

We've been laying in bed since around 7:30 pm, so tired! 

Baby will be here this month. 

Oh how our lives are going to be changing.

Ready or not, life is coming.

Ps/ going to try this new thing of blogging simple randomness from my phone. I never have the time/ energy/ motivation to pull out my laptop which means all of my thoughts get lost and pushed back and I never get to posting. Sorry if it's not what you signed up for, but I'm hoping it's what will work for me right now. 


Chymere Anais said...

After spending the welcoming of the new year on an equally quiet note as yours, I've realized the beauty of staying at home on NYE. So peaceful and such a difference from what it used to be about.

The baby is coming!!! Yayyyy! How exciting that must be! the case that I failed to say that beforehand. ♥

Laura said...

I love your simple random posts! There are little glimpses into your life and I love that. And baby this month HOORAY! So excited for all three of you.