The Giant Race

Momma likes to run? Not originally, or even fully at the moment, but this momma wants to become a runner, or at least a jogger. Back in February of this year I had decided that I needed to dedicate a good slice of my time to focusing on my health.

I am 31, a wife, a mother, and I need to make this life last as long as possible so that I can enjoy countless days with my family. Having spent most of my life as an obese person, I wasn't on the right track to fulfilling this dream of a happy, healthy, long living family. I mean one never knows, but I at the end of the day, I was not doing my part to insure the most happiness out of my life. This was something that had to change.

As the weeks, then months, passed by I became stronger, more focused, and lighter. I started to believe in my abilities and set goals for myself. During this high time I signed up for the Giant Race. I had walked a few 10Ks in the past, but this time I wanted to run/jog that majority of the distance, so I opted for the 5K sign ups.

I trained for weeks on the treadmill and out around town. I would envision myself crossing the finish line, my husband and son cheering me on, and this was my push to make it to the end of my work outs. Well, this all ended in May when my schedule was interrupted with a week long business trip, then the death of my grandfather, an illness that turned out to be morning sickness, and finally all workouts were pronounced dead when my growing belly took all of my energy and I ended up napping every free moment I had. 

That's me in the black next to Lou Seal. Right in front of the girl with the 13 shirt.
Well, last Sunday was the big day, the day I had been so focused on. I could not just give up and not do it at all, but I knew that with a few months of not being active that I couldn't realistically hold myself to my prior goals and expectations. My new goal became getting there and finishing the race no matter how long it took. That my friends is exactly what I did. I had hoped for a 10-12 min. mile but instead I walk/jogged around a 16 min mile, and you know what, I was darn proud of myself. 

My goal for next year is to beat this years time. I have 12 months to birth my child, recover, and get back on track. Wish me luck.

He just wanted my Sergio Romo bobble head.
My proud supporters.

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Laura said...

You did it! Good for you :).