The August Break

The past few weeks I have been doing a lot of mental blogging, aka thinking and talking to myself, but it has been hard for me to actually get around to posting anything. I am trying to get better but I have piles of clothes on every chair in the living room, mail scattered on my tables, a silly toddler, a growing belly, and hours of Burn Notice to watch of Netflix, so pulling out the laptop and typing is really tough on some days. There have been days that I get home and don't see my phone again until I leave for work the next morning. I guess you can say I have been LAZY. That's what summer is for right?

Anyway, I am over summer, and I am ready for Fall and all of it's wonderful colors and warm cozy feelings. I am starting to feel slightly motivated to get things done, I am starting to get inspired once more, and I think that I am almost ready to fully commit to posting at least semi-regularly. 

Looking for inspiration to get going, I have been clicking on lots of links and stalking people's blogrolls. In those insane clicking marathons I ran across an ongoing project called "The August Break". It is a daily photo prompt with really chill rules, do it when you can, when it makes you happy, and feel free to check out others on the journey with you. So I decided this would be perfect for someone who is looking to get back into posting, needs a little inspiration, but has space to skip out a day or two. I have decided to join along with the other 668 bloggers that are giving this a shot. If you'd like to play along head over to Susannah Conway's blog and experience the magic.

First set of pictures coming Sunday... or maybe Monday.


Chymere A. said...

I've been just as lazy all summer long and I have no shame to speak don't feel bad lol

I like this little project and may do it for instagram. It certainly takes away the pressure of posting something daily. I'm just getting back into the groove of things myself.

-Chymere Anais

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, mental blogging, YES! I am so there.