Spirit West Coast

For the past gazillion years I have been wanting to attend a Spirit West Coast event. For some reason or another I had never been able to make it. Well, you may have guessed it, this year that all changed. Last Saturday, thanks to my lovely cousin Becca, my family attended it's first Spirit West Coast.

Spirit West Coast is a Christian music festival. There is food, music, worship services, and all sorts of cool little booths. On the drive over I was feeling semi guilty because I knew my husband would have rather slept in and hung out in his shorts all day at home, but I made an executive decision that we were going to this thing as a family. On top of the little guilt, I was also feeling kind of scared, and kind of excited. Somewhere between home and the main road to the event it hit me that I was seriously missing God in my life. I've recently resigned from youth ministry at my church, and haven't been to mass since then. My family prayer nights have been cancelled, and we hadn't even been saying grace consistently at home.

So we get there, we walk around, hang out on the grass, listen to some music, eat some yummy treats (chocolate chip pretzels and lemonade). Alonzo ran around happily, dad chased him around - not so happily, and I just took it all in. Although I didn't have the magical moment where everything was laid out clearly in front of me, or where I felt like a new person and was hyped to serve once more, what I did get was perspective.

Life cycles, some days you're 100%, and others you are running at 70% if you're lucky. I heard someone on stage saying that even on our worst days in our most unworthy moments, that we are eternally loved and equally blessed by God's love and grace. I heard words that said no matter what my past may hold that my future is for living and for growing and loving. These simple things made me see that I am not alone in my peeks and valleys, if I was then there would be no reason for all of these people to be listening to the message that I heard. We all go through these things, and at least now I can recognize that I don't want to be in this state much longer, and that I will find my way up and back into the places I want to be.

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