Loving you is more than just a dream come true...

The last day that I posted on here happened to be our 6th year wedding anniversary. To celebrate our special occasion Anthony and I had a date day on Saturday where we watched Hannah Arendt, we ate at a pub, and chit-chatted about lots of ideas. Those are all things that we don't get to do with a high-energy toddler around, so he stayed and played with grandma for the afternoon.

On Sunday we decided to celebrate as a family, this is what our love has created after all. Gilroy Gardens was our host and we were very happy guests. This is a very beautiful park for families (and couples), the rides are a little more tame than most amusement parks, and the lines are very very manageable with older folks and younger tots. There was plenty for a 2 year old and a pregnant woman to enjoy, and a great daddy to help us out when either of us got a little tired or cranky. This day showed me how wonderful the decision to love is. I felt so much joy watching my husband and son interact, it made me feel more in love than ever. 

When I met Anthony I knew that he was an extraordinary person. He has great morals, he is not afraid to embrace who he uniquely is in this world, and he is just amazing in so many ways. The light that shines out of him keeps me close, and this light and warmth have only increase since becoming a father. I feel so blessed that our love has created such an amazing son, and we are now anxiously awaiting another little butterball of gooey fun. 

Anthony, thank you for being a honest hardworking husband and father. Thank you for sharing all of your talents and passions with us. Thank you for loving us even when we may be acting unlovable. Thank you for never giving up on me while I went through some incredible rough times. Thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood. Thank you for being the silly, open minded, creative individual that you are. I love you with all of my heart, all of my soul, and all of my strength. 


Laura said...

Hooray! I bet those six years have flown by. Happy Anniversary :). Looks like a wonderful celebration.

Chymere A. said...

Awwww!!! It must be some kind of amazing to experience a love like that! Happy Anniversary & wishing you many, many more!!!

Chymere A.