Toddler Toes

My toddler goes through shoes extremely fast. He outgrows them, he tortures them, he pops seams, he loves them, and then he hates them. I feel like we are always buying him new shoes.

Not too long ago I made the mistake of buying him shoes that had real laces. I though we will double knot and all will be fine. It was not fine. Every time he would run by us we were chasing him to retie his shoes. I don't know if it was him or us who got tired of dealing with this and we went back to his old shoes. His old shoes were his "old shoes" because he had wore those things down. The front stitching was popping and what were once bright blue sweet Adidas looked like blue and brown camo Adidas.

We finally decided to revisit the Kids Foot Locker on our last trip to the mall, and my son fell in love with some neon yellow and blue Nike Free 5's. So far I really like them. They are BRIGHT, they fit comfortably, they have fake laces (elastics), and they have a Velcro top strap.

After day one he already has them dirty, but he is enjoying them. He can even put them on himself, this is a first.
How do you deal with growing, troublemaker feet? How long do your kids shoes last? Is this normal or am I just raising a tornado of a son?

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Melissa Libertad said...

We kinda have the opposit problem. It takes doll face forever to out grow her shoes and when she does she hardly used them. She isn't really hard on her shoes, which is something that totally surprised me.

Those shoes are cute!