But where did June go?

June is usually my big month of planning, preparing, and all sorts of fun adventure.

This June was not any of those things.

This June started with news of new life.

Then June quickly became full of commitments, meetings, and deadlines.

June, you represent freedom and sunshine, why did you come to me with such responsibility and gloom?

This June, I experienced a lot of morning sickness.

This June, I gave up my big room and moved into my son’s tiny room.

This June, I had a yucky infection that left me in bed for days.

This June, I accomplished nothing on my to-do list because I didn't even make a list.

This June, I held my pants up with rubber bands because my belly wouldn't stop growing.

But then when I start to really think of it…

This June, I ate crepes on the wharf while my son laughed at sea lions.

This June, I took a drive along CA-Hwy 1 and laid under the trees in Big Sur.

This June, I experienced my second Erykah Badu concert.

This June, I feel in love with an olive sized fetus while listening to its little heartbeat.

This June, I became thirty-one years old and finally got to take a new DMV photo.

I guess this June wasn't so bad after all.
And as for you, July, you hold so much promise, let’s make this special.

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Laura said...

a baby on the way?!!? CONGRATULATIONS!! I am thrilled for your. Your June sounded pretty fab, and I bet July will be even better :0.