A time for...

It's Friday! For me this means I will get to see my godson Jonas tonight!!! I am very excited, in case you cannot tell by the multiple exclamation points.

I must admit that I have been playing the lazy godparent role for both of my Godsons, but I am trying to change that. Last week I tried to make up for it by taking my youngest godson, Elazar out for an exciting afternoon. We kicked off the fun adventure by searching the mall for a new jacket for me, oooh fun! We ended up somehow spending the rest of the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese's. I think this is when it got good for him. I had a great time with him and his wonderful sister, my niece, Ms. Apple. As we walked back to the car he tells me in a disappointed voice, “I guess we didn’t find you a jacket, huh?” This kid is three, and that to me was the greatest line of the day. 

My goal is to provide an equally good time for Jonas this weekend. I am sure it will be a blast. Alonzo and Jonas like to play the “Give me 5 --- Too Slow” game and this can go on for hours I am sure. We will see what other trouble we can get into. I am hoping for a clear weekend forecast. It’s been warm all week, but this afternoon has been breezy.

Last weekend we were blessed with fantastic weather. Saturday we spent most of our day in Monterey and Carmel enjoying the sun. Alonzo had a chance to practice his selfies, as he has been taking my phone and enjoys watching himself in the front facing camera. I hold dear all of the shots of his forehead and teeth that I later find on my phone. 

These are the moments folks; let us embrace them tightly so that we may never forget the aroma of their loveliness.

In health and fitness land I am down some pounds this week, and have uploaded my new meal plan for next week. Click here to download! Also, My coworker and I have registered for the Giant Race 5K coming up in August. I am not a runner, not even close, but I am going to try out the Couch to 5K program and see if maybe I can get myself running some, if not all, of the race. I am pretty excited! ALSO... I am doing the March for Babies 10K next month, so if you haven't already, please support our team!

A time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace.
Ecclesiastes 3:8


Melissa Libertad said...

I really miss you in Blogger land! You are doing such a great job with the whole getting healthy thing, you inspire me.

<3 Have a great weekend Amiga!

love, keys said...

congrats on the loss darling! keep it up! hes growing up SOOO fast! so adorable