Holiday Kick-off

Thanksgiving came and went in such a flash, and we are now in the start of all things Christmas. Although last year was officially Lonnie's first Christmas, this year is so much more fun. Last year he had no clue what was going on, and this year he is able to enjoy the lights, stories, and magic that Christmas brings.

It's been a family tradition of our to put up our Christmas tree the Friday after Thanksgiving. After a nice turkey day, we woke up late, stayed in our pajamas most of the day, and then after lunch decided we would go ahead an pull the tree out. There was a debate going on for a bit on a really tree or an artificial one, and the artificial one won, so after the hubby pulled everything out of the garage, we decided we wanted a new tree. Within the next couple of hours we hopped in the car and dared to enter a our local Target. It wasn't as bad as we expected. We picked out our tree and a few other items and headed back home. That night we put the tree up, bare but there. I love the warmth that Christmas lights bring into a home. It was so fun to see Lonnie staring at the little lights with such curiosity.

We spent the rest of the weekend putting up decorations and getting into the spirit. Sunday night we attended our first Parade of Lights. Alonzo seemed to have enjoyed it, and I really had a good time. 

I guess having a child really does bring out all of the best parts of childhood for the parents as well. I couldn't help but clap and cheer when I saw all of the floats rolling down the street, and the gasp followed by uncontrollable waving was my genuine response to seeing a Jolly ol' Saint Nick ride by. Between the moments of marching bands and lit tractors I realized that this parade would have to become a part of our new family traditions. The idea of creating new traditions is super exciting to me! Parenthood is such a blessing.

We wish you all a very special time of preparation, and a joyous Christmas day!

What family traditions do you have for the holidays?


Melissa Libertad said...

Isn't it crazy how having a child brings out the kid in you. And everything is like 1000 times better because for the first time you are seeing things thru their eyes.

Wait till you take him to Disneyland, you guys are gonna have a blast! :)

Thank you for sharing your Holidays. :)

Laura said...

Yay! It looks like so much fun! And I am glad you decided on a fake tree - if you put a real one up that early it would be dropping needles like crazy by Christmas and be a real fire hazard. Spoken like the daughter of an insurance claims adjuster (my dad looked at many homes where fires started in dried out Christmas trees!). The parade looks like fun (I can't believe how warm it is there, judging by the clothes you have on) and Lonnie is freaking adorable. Seriously.