Turkey Time

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. -Frederick Keonig
I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday with your loved ones, our family had a really great day! It's been a crazy couple of weeks around this wacky little house and it was nice to have an evening of relaxation and the company of our loved ones.

I have made a list of some of the things that I am especially grateful for this year.

  • The safe return of my Tia Irene. She was missing for a week, and we found her over 100 miles away, unharmed.
  • The support of our community during that very trying time.
  • My near perfect husband. He has been such a great supporting spouse, and he always makes me feel his love. 
  • My cutie pie of a son. His every moment is proof to me that miracles are all around us, we just need to embrace them and recognize them as such.
  • My mommy and rest of my family, they are the greatest team I could ask for.
  • Alonzo's Day Care and his backup Day Care center. Both places love him so much, and it is a great feeling leaving him with people that I can trust wholly. He loves his Mary so very much and all of his day care pals.
  • My job. I am so thankful for a place to return to day after day, for the knowledge that they have shared with me and for being a company with a heart and compassion for it's employees.
  • The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. These books have changed my life. I am a better mother and wife now because of them.
Happy Holiday season to you all, I know these next few weeks can be tough, but they also have the possibility to be magical. Hang on to the spirit that is floating around in the area.

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