Prayers Needed

A few minutes before leaving work I received a phone call that my Aunt was missing. My heart sank and I began to feel hopeless. I collected my thoughts and proceeded with my set routine. After making it to my final stop of picking up my son from day care, we rushed to my moms house to fuel up and bring the search.

I drove around and around and around and around some more until I was certain that I had covered each street, alley, and driveway.

As of this moment, my Aunt is still missing. I am terrified, but faithful that she will be returned safely to her home and our family.

Please share this post no matter where you are. My aunt is about 55 years old, 5'6, brown hair and eyes, and was last seen at her home in Gonzales, CA. She is believed to be driving possibly along Highway 101 in a 2002 White Lexus Sedan (4W0S740). She suffers from dementia and is without means of contacting anyone at home. Please call the police and report if you think that you may have seen someone to match her description or the description of the vehicle. She may have traveled as far as the Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco areas. Prayers are needed to bring her home safety.

Thank you!

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Melissa Libertad said...

Praying for her safe return. I will share this on as many social media outlets as I can.