Daydream Believer

We are a bunch of dreamers. 

Bloggers, we sit and write down all of our crazy thoughts and ideas, and then rush around trying to soak up  other's posts full of theirs. When I think about why I missed blogging so much, it is totally that thrill of inspiration behind each and every link. The wonderful pictures and stories of passions and dreams, they are the butterflies in my stomach as I lay in bed with the glow of my screen illuminating my twinkling eyes. 

Thank you wonderful bloggers for that feeling of delight. Thank you for being willing to share your families, your days most exciting and roughest moments with us. It takes a strong soul to let strangers in on their own little world.

The reflection of our lives in healthy for us, and the ability to relive our days in our own words and feelings at the time is a great gift that we are giving ourselves and our loved ones. Such a simple act, but it has the ability to carry such power.

I am happy to be back, as semi-regularly as it may be, and although you may not see my name in your comments yet, I am working my way around, I have missed each of you.

Cheers, to us bloggers.


Chymere Anais said...

Cheers to us! Thinking about it, it does take a strong person to share those pieces. Glad to have you back & thriving.

~Chymere Anais

Monique Frausto said...

Cheers!! xoxo

Melissa Libertad said...

Cheers! And you are so right, inspiration at every corner! :)