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Unless you have been living in lalaland, I am pretty sure that you have heard of a little movie called The Avengers, and if you are at all familiar with my family, you would know that the Mister is about as big of a comic book nerd as they come. Put all of that together and it results in to a weekend of comic book love, and family adventure.

We shacked up at our favorite San Francisco hotel, enjoyed a fabulous early birthday dinner (my brother turns 16 tomorrow!) and followed it up with Free Comic Book Day / Get your Avengers on / Cinco de Mayo. All four of us dressed up in our favorite Avengers tees & masks and attended the Avengers party at the Union Square Disney Store. We are all offically Jr. Avengers!

We then explored the SFMOMA, and celebrated some of our favorite Mexican artists. I personally am in LOVE with Frida, have been since middle school when my Uncle Frank introduced me to her work, so taking a picture of my son in front of an authentic Frida painting made my flipping day! The museum was so much fun, and the cake we had there was super yummy!

After a little museum action, we watched the Avengers! Long story, maybe I will share it sometime.

Over all it was a fabulous day of nerdiness, and I returned home full of joy and inspiration!

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh. When I saw your blog in my google reader I was SO. EXCITED. I have missed you, my blogging mia friend :). It looks like a wonderful weekend. I can't get over how big Alanzo is!