Cousin Play Date

Growing up I was always very close to my cousins. To me, my cousins are pretty much my extended brothers and sisters, and I am so happy that Alonzo has been blessed with three beautiful cousins of his own, not to mention the children of my cousins. Usually after work I get delayed with cheerleading practice (haven't updated yall yet, but I am coaching high school cheer), if it is not cheer then it is something for the church or this or that, and most of my evening baby time does not occur until late in the night when we are usually trying to get baby to bathe and go to sleep. It was so nice to be able to visit my parents, brothers, and my nephews today, and the best part was watching Alonzo and his cousins play around outside like a bunch of normal kids. He totally had a good time and I am extremely thankful for this beautiful blessing.


Laura said...

I love that you're blogging more frequently lately. Coaching cheer sounds like a lot of fun. How did you get into that? And I think it's great you're so close with your cousins. Although my sister and I grew up in a different state than mine, we're still super close. There're starting to have children now and I just know their kids are going to be friends, too.

Sarah Kayia C. said...

Your site looks soooo beautiful! Thought I should let you know!