Reflect: Shower of Love

Uncle Abraham, Daddy, and Grandpa racing at the Baby Beer Chugging Contest
Reflection #4:
Memorable event attended or held in 2011

I absolutely loved our baby shower! For those of you that followed back in the days of "Discovering Alonzo" you know that I debated whether or not to plan my own baby shower. For those of you whom did not follow along back then, I did, I totally did. I had a terrible experience for my bridal shower, and I feel bad saying that, but it really was one of the most humiliating moments of my adult life, and I was terrified that my baby shower would have turned into round two of that. I decided to push aside the fear of being judged and labeled a control freak, and just did what I knew was best in my situation. I planned out a good outline with the help of a couple key people, and then I put my trust in them to execute my dream baby shower and it worked out PERFECTLY.

I will never forget the anxiety of that morning. I was so nervous and excited about the first bash in celebration of my baby boy. We all meet up nice and early and began to decorate my Tia Rosa's house. Then guests began to arrive, lunch was served, and then the games were on. I believe that everyone had a great time, and the most unique thing happened, it snowed! In all of my life I had never seen it actually SNOW in our area. I had seen snow on the mountain tops, but never falling from the sky. All of the kids ran outside and began to form snowballs, and all of the cars where covered in white. It was a pretty magical day.


Laura said...

So great! I remember the dilemma over whether or not to plan the shower yourself (for the record I am glad you did), but don't remember seeing photos from that day. I adore the men drinking from their bottles! Uncle Abraham was so into it, as was your husband! Your dad, on the other hand, I'm not sure what he was thinking!

Elizabeth said...

How fun!!!