Reflect: One Word

Last year around this time I was blogging my way through a project called #reVerb10. I spent the month of December in reflection and planning, it was an excellent closure.

When I finally realized that December had once again arrived at my doorstep, I went out in search of reVerb11, and was nearly heartbroken when I found out that the creator had called it quits on the project for this year. (She had good reason.)

The next step was to search online for something similar to the project I had previously participated in and I was lucky to find that many others were missing this project and a few special people took the time to create a list of prompts for 2011. Throughout the month I will try my best to post my reflections, I plan to pull a little from each of the new projects that I find along the way, and I might even add a few of my own prompts.

Without further ado...

Reflection #1:
Encapsulate the year 2011 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2012 for you?


No other word would be as appropriate as the word life. This year has brought me the greatest treasure bundled up in the form of a precious little boy. I spent nine months growing the perfect little human in my womb, and at the end of it all, he was born to our family and has blessed us in every way. 

That fact that just now, at 2:40am, my son interrupted me while I was blogging, goes to show how real and vibrant each moment has been since he has joined our lives. My son makes everything matter. His life has forever changed the course of my future, and I am inspired to cherish each breath of life a bit more now because of him.

Not only has he taught me about love and patience, but he has made me understand how loved I am by my own parents. The immediate knowledge that comes with receiving a child's life into your own, is like nothing that I have ever experienced or could have imagined. Unconditional love and exuberant joy have filled our household thanks to the gift of life.

Our hopes and desires for 2012 would be a year full of GROWTH.


Elizabeth said...

amazing post Jayka! Life is the most amazing thing, especially when we get the gift of making one <3

Melissa said...

Beautiful post. Made my heart smile! :)

Laura said...

yes! Remember we met through reverb10. I, too, was bummed that there was no reverb 11, but I didn't go as far as to find another set of prompts. I look forward to reading yours and I may post one or two of my own, too :).