Reflect: From the city of Wind

Reflection #3 
A moment in time.

January 2011, Anthony and I were reaching the end of our lives as a childless couple, and we felt the need to spread our wings a bit and fly. We hopped on a plane with my younger brother Eric and we made way for Chicago-Illinois, the greatest city in the world.

I remember my first breath of cool winter air, the crispness that sounded us, it was the stuff that holiday specials are made of. We rode the train out of the airport and slowly approached our beloved. Although we make our way back at least once a year, this time was different. Unlike the past vacations in the middle of spring and summer, this was the season that it had been when I first had moved to Chicago all those many moons ago. The lights just seemed to twinkle extra bright in the cool blue sky night, and delightful adjectives seemed to be whispered with ever gust of wind that rubbed passed my rose colored nose.

I showed my brother all of the reasons that I had fallen in love with Mrs. Windy, and I got to to reminisce on the first night that Anthony and I walked down Michigan Avenue hand in hand. As our trip proceeded to expire I could not stop wondering about all of the changes that we would soon be facing, and I imagined how life could have been different had we never left Chicago. And then it hit me, life could be different if we had never left Chicago.

Instantly I fell to reality, my reality. My every dream was on it's way to being fulfilled, I had my fabulous husband, a good relationship with my family, and I was soon to become a mother. The romantic affair that I had been having with the city life ended in a single breath, and I became so thankful for the life that I currently live in the comfort of my wacky little house.

Although Chicago will always hold a piece of my heart, there is no place that I would rather be at this point in my life, than with my family on the beautiful coast of California.


Elizabeth said...

That's how I feel about NYC. that's why i cannot wait until i finish school to move there with the little one!
How is Alonzo?

Laura said...

That's great, Jessy! I love that you love Chicago so much (it's in my backyard and I don't love it like you do) and I think you've got a great, healthy, perspective.

C. Hayes said...

You are always where you are supposed to be. Hope your happiness continues to expand... = )