Kisses make it all better

Oh September! It has been an insane month thus far, but we are hanging on with all of our might. Our trio has been fighting the little cold that has been floating between families, and so far Anthony & I have just had a little sore throat in the early mornings. Alonzo has somehow managed to stay healthy, and I am so very thankful for that.

Aside from dodging cooties, this month has also been emotionally draining, but as we near the mid-month mark, we are trying our best to turn the negative energy around. One of our first steps in this shift was our confirmation class. Today we had our first class with our new students. I am so excited about teaching a new "grade", and I hope that we get into the groove and hit it outta the park! It is pretty awesome because this year my youngest brother is in our class, and my middle brother has joined our team as a catechist. It seems the more I live and experience, the more and more I realize how important my faith is.

With all of the uneasy nights, I have been leaning on prayer with all that I've got. Some nights the only way I get any sleep is when I push it all out in prayer, and I end up drifting off mid conversation. I hope God understands. My other remedy for a restless mind is snuggling with baby boy. He is so amazing. Alonzo is now doing this thing where he will randomly grab our hands, or he will just place his arm on us, and it is the cutest thing that I have ever experienced. Plus, he is now "talking" and smiling even more than before, and this makes me so happy. I love this little boy so much! He is my little slice of heaven.

The combo of God & Baby Boy should be enough to give me a push in the right direction, and a few fun plans for the month should help me finish off the month wish a smile on my face. I can't believe we are already hitting the last few months of the year. I can't wait for the holiday season!!!


mama bear said...

I want the holiday season to come as well. this year flew on by! First photo is my absolute favorite!

Laura said...

I love the photos and your words. I think it's great you and your husband serve at your church together. And that you are bringing your stuff to God in prayer. And of course He understands when you fall asleep. But He'd also like you to pray during the day when you can stay awake :).