49ers, victorious

Saturday Mr. Lonnie attended his first NFL game, and it just happened to be one of the craziest Battle of the Bays in recent history. Earlier in the week I had won tickets for the game through my work, and as soon as that happened, we were trying to figure out if baby boy would be coming with us or not. We voted to take him along since the game was sort of early, and we weren't sure if we wanted to stay overnight or not. On the way up to San Francisco we stopped by San Jose and did some baby shopping and of course we had to make it in to Ikea.

After some shopping around we made our way to Candlestick and enjoyed us some football. The crowd in our section was pretty awesome, but the surrounding sections were punching each others lights out! We opted to leave at the start of the fourth quarter, I didn't want to be forced to pull out my ninja moves if someone got to close to Lonnie with their craziness.

Overall it was a great day and I was just thrilled to be able to take my son to a game at Candlestick Park! Growing up I have so many awesome memories of tailgating for Niner games or Giants games, and it was so sweet to be able to relive just a little bit of that.

Smooches yall!


Melissa said...

You know I was thinking about the fight when I first saw your pics but I was like, nah I bet they had a great time. Sorry you guys were near all that mess, just a bunch of people acting dumb and messing up everyone's day. I have been wanting to take Doll Face to a Raider game but we've been against it since we don't know how other people are going to act. Too many people act a fool at games sometimes. But thankfully you all had a good time and nothing happened. Your little boy is a lucky little man to have such wonderful parents!

mama bear said...

God bless your family Jessica! the photos are amazing and Alonzo is getting super cute!!!

Call Me Bright ッ said...

OMG... he is sooo cute... you guys are soo cute.. I bet you guys all enjoyed it .. I think that these picture are fab..

Darianne said...

He is adorable (: