List 04: Things I love about Day Care & Being a Working Mom

Since I haven't had time to get online and blog about my return to work, or baby boy's new adventures at day care, I decided to make a quick list of my favorite things about both.

Things I love about Day Care
  1. The ladies at the center seem to really love baby
  2. Baby seems to really love the ladies at the center
  3. Alonzo does so well at drop off and pick up
  4. We get to visit our baby on our lunch break
  5. Care is actually reasonably priced
  6. There are tons of fun toys that he loves
  7. He is always smiling when we pick him up
  8. I like Lonnie getting out of the house and mingling with other babies
  9. He is learning that mommy & daddy will always be there, even when we are not in eye's view
Things I love about Being a Working Mom
  1. I enjoy not spending the whole week in my pajamas, and taking regular showers
  2. I love having adult conversations, even if it is about work
  3. Making money for family vacations is always a plus
  4. I have pushed myself to a new horizon, and I am exceeding my own expectations
  5. Using my brain is more fun than I remember
  6. I feel like I can be an awesome mom & worker
  7. Those evening hours seem even more precious than before
Now, let's see if I can get around to more blogging and reading this week!


mama bear said...

Super proud of you! I love how you can manage BOTH :)

Laura said...

So glad to read a new post by you! And I am happy you're loving working and Alonzo time :).

Melissa said...

You are one amazing Mami/Mommy!!! :)