List 03: Things that I am missing

  1. Walks down South Main Street with my camera.
  2. Postcard swaps on PostCrossing
  3. Looking through old pictures at the antique shop
  4. Painting my face and wearing braids in my hair
  5. Photo challenges on Flickr
  6. Being vegetarian
  7. Bike rides along the vineyards
  8. Getting a full nights sleep
  9. Breakfast dates with Rebecca
  10. Endless hours of magazine snooping at Borders
  11. Chai Tea Lattes
  12. Spontaneous date nights with my husband
  13. Summertime in Chicago
  14. Working at a music store with my best pals
  15. Music stores PERIOD
  16. This Thing Called Hip-Hop Sunday Posts
  17. Having an organized closet
  18. Floating in the pool with a shaved ice in hand
  19. Disposable cameras
  20. Yearbooks, why don't we get those every year of our lives?
PS// This week I also missed getting around to everyone's blogs. Sorry guys, it was a week of transition (more to come), and it was really tough to get to my computer. I will try my best to visit everyone this week!


Melissa said...

I love lists!!! I really do. Did you go back to work already? Hope the transition was smooth for everyone! :)


PS we got your announcement. Mr. Alonzo looks so cute, he's on our fridge :)

mama bear said...

I understand :)

hope you have a great week with your family!

Ruby said...

i'm wiht you with the full nights sleep.. musc stores... and yearbooks. I can't even keep up with my scrapbooking gah! :) love your lists!