Zero to Three

It's been a little over 3 months since our baby boy has joined our lives. I feel like I've known this little guy for ages, but nope, it's only been a quarter of a year.

Over the past months, my baby boy has learned so much, it amazes me. Think about it, babies come into this world with very little programmed in their brains. My baby was born with the instincts to eat, cry, poop, and had limited use of his senses. These days, Lonnie knows how to shake a rattle, grab onto mommy's hair, tickle daddy's belly, kick us while we change him. He even knows how to giggle, hold a book, bang on tables, and "talk". This kid has accomplished a lot in a very short time.

Everyday I spend getting to know my son is truly an amazing blessing to me, and I know my husband feels the same way. I can't believe a year ago he began growing in my belly, and at this time last year I didn't even know the many ways my world, or my belly, would be expanding.

We are now at the big 3 month milestone, he is no longer a "newborn", he is now an "infant". He is no longer in size 1 diapers, we are moving on to size 2, and most of all we are no longer limited to laying on our backs or in the swing because now Mr. Big Boy can sit in baby seats, and play in jumpers. Oh how time gets away from us!

In celebration of the big 3 month anniversary, we took our growing boy on a little shopping spree! Take a peek at our haul.

We still have a few more essential, aka onesies and socks, to buy, plus we are in the market for a jumper! I think we will be invading our local baby stores in the next 72 hours to test drive a few of our options.

And for the sake of list-love,

List 05: Baby's first 3 months

  • taken his first road trip
  • become a big cousin
  • learned how to hold his bottle
  • enjoyed a sleepover without Mommy & Daddy
  • learned how to play with a rattle
  • had a SF adventure
  • gone to his first Karate Tournament
  • worn his first pair of shoes
  • started day care
  • learned how to bang and shake any thing he can touch
  • made friends with strangers
  • learned to smile at people
  • free himself from being covered/swaddled
  • become ticklish, and has learned to tickle
  • gained SEVEN pounds since his birth
  • had his first double ear infection
  • had a dip in the pool
  • learned how to pull out his pacifier and puts it back in
  • learned that by flipping his bib over his face, he makes mommy jump to him, so he does that a lot
  • decided that mornings are for playing not for sleeping, sorry dad
I am so in love with this little boy, and I can't wait to see what other amazing things are coming our way!


mama bear said...

what a haul! everything looks so pretty! I love the books, and he's all grown up. he's adorable! i love little man's style :)

laura the cousin said...

I love you guys. You are such an amazing mommy and you're going to raise an amazing son. I really miss you guys. Abraham and I want to visit you soon. Love you.

Laura said...

I adore that striped hooded sweater. Please, please, please, post pictures of him wearing it!!

Melissa said...

Happy 3 months Alonzo!!! :) Big Hugs!!! :)

J-Jones said...

He is such a smart little boy! Love the pics, btw.

LaLa said...