Family Holiday

I hope that everyone had a Merry Independence Day! I had a fabulous time this weekend with my family. I don't recall what I did with my most recent independence days, but this year we took the whole weekend to celebrate. Last night we made our way on down to my aunts house for a little Family BBQ'ing and of course, a couple of fireworks. We munched on burgers, did a little face painting, had a cartwheel competition, played driveway volleyball, chow'd down on s'mores, and drew cute little pictures with sparklers! The most incredible part was that we did it all while sporting the finest red, white, and blue fashions. I love that my cousins are dorky enough to dress up and let loose for days like this! Take a peek at our festivities.

As if all of these magical moments weren't enough, we actually started the celebration Friday night when the hubby, baby, and I headed out to San Francisco. Ever since Anthony & I were just a couple of crazy kids in love (that means pre-marriage), we have always enjoyed taking full advantage of the sleep number beds and delicious eats of the Bay Front Radisson in SF. This place is our home away from home, and after what felt like the longest week in recent history, I decided to book us a room and surprise my hubby when he got home from work. Thankfully he was up for it, and we jumped in our little Toyota and hit the road.

It was kind of strange, on our way there I looked at my husband, who was sitting in the backseat keeping our son company, and I suddenly realized that everything in our lives has changed. I couldn't believe that we were taking our two month old son to our little hideaway, yet everything about it seemed just right. As soon as we checked in the room I laid Alonzo down on the bed so that I could unpack, and he began to kick his legs and stretch his arms, he was giggling and smiling so big. My heart just about melted seeing him in "our space". That night we went down to the restaurant for dinner, and Alonzo sat quietly in my arms until he fell asleep, leaving Anthony & I to some grown-up conversation and a drink.

The next day we hit the city, introducing our son to all of our favorite hang-outs. It all felt so natural, and so beautiful. That following night we decided to stay at The Fairmont, our second favorite hotel in the area. Again, I was a little worried about how this would go over, being that this hotel is a little more upscale, and we were checking in with this little baby and a ton of his toys and blankets. He proved to me that he can travel in luxury just as well as any other two month old could. He allowed us to have a great dinner at McCormick's & an evening listening to the Lobby Band, one of my favorite things to do at this place.


On Sunday, we attended mass at Saint Joseph's Cathedral, and followed up with the National Tae Kwon Do Championship. Growing up I was always in martial arts, and my husband also took some classes, so this was totally awesome for us to catch. My uncle and dad teach karate at the YMCA here, and they are already telling me to take Alonzo as soon as he turns three. We had a super time together this weekend, it was the perfect way to spend my last weekend out of work. Tomorrow I return back to the hussle and Alonzo will enter into his first day of Day Care.

I am already counting down the day until Saturday!

And thanks to this weekend here are some more Summer-to-do's that I can now cross off... Clam Chowder, Family BBQ, Nap Time !


mama bear said...

I ENJOYED this post so much Jessica! The photos are amazing, and Alonzo looks super duper adorable!

Happy fourth of July :)

Melissa said...

Happy forth of July Taylors! What a wonderful weekend!!! :)

J-Jones said...

These pictures are amazing. I'm glad you and your family had such a fun 4th of July weekend. I had to work, so I didn't really get to spend time with my family.

Nicole said...

Happy late 4th! I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Love your pictures! I have the same baby carrier as you guys. Me and DH LOVE IT! And LO loves it too! I baby wear her everywhere with it! She doesn't even like the Baby Bjorn that we received and we don't either! LOL

That's great Alonzo loved you and your DH's get away spot. It's always great to travel and adventure out. If only I can convince DH to!

You guys were so lucky to be able to pop fireworks. We weren't here in Texas and some firework shows were also cancelled. But we just watched one here in Katy, TX for 30 minutes and that was our 4th of July. Lol

Laura said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate independence day. And you look absolutely stunning in that photo with your husband and the water behind you. Love it!

Ruby said...

Such great pictures looks like your holiday was a lot of fun and that little man got to enjoy some of your old faves.