You can pause live TV, but you can't pause a 1 month old.

Being a temporary Stay at Home Mom has proven to be quite the task, for us the most difficultly comes when it is time for me to pump and my husband is at work. Being alone with the baby means that baby boy has to be in a good mood, a safe place, and able to entertain himself for the fifteen minute that it is going to take me to pump.

For most of the day today we did well, but at our last pump session before dad came home, baby wasn't being a nice baby at all. I changed him, feed him, and he cuddled on my chest until he feel fast asleep. Once he was out (for over an hour), the time came that I had to hook myself up, so I placed Alonzo in his napper, got myself setup, and went at it. Six minutes in, he awoke and started to cry. I was sitting on the couch and he was in front of me on the floor, so I made silly faces at him, tried to talk him calm, I even used my feet to rock his bassinet, all failed. Finally I tried to bend over, pump horns attached, and give him his pacifier only to have him spit it out repeatedly. It was such a mess, when I sat myself back up, I had breastmilk dripping down my side and all over my dress. I had to shut down the pump and pick the baby up.

The moment was so frustrating because I was trying to do something for him and he wouldn't let me. The worst part was that I had tried so hard to look cute before my husband came home and now I had to rip of my cute clothes and throw on whatever was within arms reach while trying to sooth a baby and rush to pick up the house a little bit. It was insane, but as soon as I stopped racing around, and sat down to feed Alonzo, he was the most perfect angel.

All of the craziness, the messy-wet clothes, the wild screaming, it was as if it had never happened. There I was sitting in our bed, with my little baby boy in my arms. He was happy and getting everything he could want. For a moment everything seemed so beautifully perfect, then he finished his bottle and the screamfest began again.



Stephanie said...

I feel your pain! I don't pump or breastfeed at all, but, I know how frustrating it can be when you think your little one is down for a while so you start doing something you need to get done and then they're wide awake, wanting all your attention. I have a toddler and my newest April baby and it has been quite a challenge. As soon as I get one happy and satisfied for the time being, the other one cries and needs me. I've been told it gets easier. I sure hope it does. Your little man is adorable though, a real handsome fella! I'm sure your husband was just as taken with you in your other clothes, holding his son, as he would have been if you were in your dress. That was a nice gesture for him though. :)

(by the way, I'm over from Babycenter. Thanks for starting the blog thread! I love me some new blogs to read!)

J-Jones said...

You are an amazing woman. I have such little patience, I don't know how I would've reacted in that situation. It just sounds so frustrating! It seems to me that baby Alonzo just loves to be in his mommy's arms. He also loves to be fed. Things will get easier for you, I am sure. :]

mama bear said...

Lol. awe. I know what you mean. I went through it but trust me, it'll get better with time :)

Elana said...

The first few months are definitely the hardest! Pumping does get easier but it's never all that fun :-)

Frugal in WV said...

It gets easier, between my two boys I have been breast feeding for over five years and they slow down on how much they eat after the first couple of months. Hang in there! New follower from MBC, you can find me at

Ro @ said...

I can relate to what your feeling, as can all other moms! We've all been there! But I can tell you this ... it gets easier ... it gets better... or perhaps we just get used to it!
Your blog is amazing! I feel like I'm part of the family after seeing all the different pics! Well done!
I'm a new follower!
Ro :)
Have YOU had your Mom-ME Moment today?

Ana said...

Nice blog, beautiful family photos. I'm a mom to a 6 yrs old girl and 9 mo old boy. New follower from MBC.


Army of Moms said...

One thing I have learned having children is whatever I am doing can wait. Even pumping. You just immediately drop what you are doing and take care of them then go back. The constant feeding will slow down but the need to drop everything is there for a long time. You are doing great. It is frustrating. But you will be glad you did this. Come by and have a little laugh on us