Welcoming Baby Carlos

On this day, the Lord has blessed our family with a new little addition. My brother Richard and his wife Cynthia gave life to my new NEPHEW Carlos Raphael. The biggest surprise came when my mom told me that it was a boy, for the past 2-3 months we had all been preparing for a little princess, but I guess the Lord had different plans for their family, and now I have been blessed with two nephews and a single little princess. I am so trilled that Alonzo is going to have a group of cousins so close in age to him. I can just imagine them growing up together, going to school together, partying in Vegas together. You know all that stuff.

I love these babies!

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mama bear said...

awe! he's adorable! god bless your family. i wish we were multiplying as well. I'm going to be an auntie in October god willing :)