Twenty Something

Na-na-na-na-na-na, they say it's your birthday!
Na-na-na-na-na-na, happy birthday to ME!

Correct-o-mundo, today marks the day that yours truly turns 29 years old. I have officially kicked off the last year of my twenties, and I feel better than ever. My life has changed dramatically since my last birthday, and so has my blog. 

By scrolling down you will see that a little brown baby has taken over my days, and my posts, so this year I will try my hardest to complete 52 personal lists as a way to keep a little bit of myself on my blog. I realize how important it is not to lose who I am as a person in the mess of who I am as a mother or a wife.

In honor of the celebration of my own birth, all those many years ago, today's list will be...

List 01: The Most Memorable Birthday Moments of my Past.

Age 18, I celebrated my birthday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a group of my high school friends and my cousin Rebecca. We spent a whole week laying out at the beach, dancing away in night clubs, and shopping. It was a ton of fun, and I would love to do a trip like that again.

Age 15, being of Latin decent, the fifteenth birthday is a big one for us girls. My parents threw me a QuinceaƱera where all of my closest friends and family members where able to pack into a banquet hall and dance the night away, after a beautiful church service that is. I loved planning the event, and dress shopping with my cousins and friends. It was a great time.

Age 17, My family went to Great America Amusement Park. The rides were awesome, the food is always fun, but the best part came when I went up on the Nickelodeon Stage and played one of their crazy games. Our team won, but we got SLIMED with offical Nickelodeon Slime! Great memory.

Age 21, Finally. For my twenty-first my best friend Valerie, my cousin Rebecca, and I all had a joint birthday party. It started off as a small party to invite our friends over to, but when you have three birthday girls, you have three times the amount of friends, plus those people that somehow always end up at everyone's party whether they were invited or not. There was a ton of people, and lots of dancing around and having a good time. It did get a little out of hand, but that's what 21st birthdays are supposed to be like, right!?

Age 28, Never too old to throw yourself a Fiesta! We hosted my birthday party at our house, and set up tents in the backyard for all of my cousins to sleep in so that we could party all night. It was so much fun having my family and friends over, and how can I ever forget camping out in my own backyard. Plus, I had the most awesome Donkey pinata that I bought in the Mission District of SF, it was fabulous.

Age 26, I had a totally rad 80's Party! It was a small get together with just a few of my cousins and my brothers, but we all sported our eighties gear and had so much fun. We played charades for hours and laughed the night away.

Age 27, It wasn't a party, it was a trip of a lifetime. My husband, youngest brother, and I boarded an Amtrak train and headed on a cross-country rail trip. We hit Portland, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, and New York. It was a long trip, but it truly was an experience that I will never forget.

... My earlier birthdays all kind of blend into one big birthday memory, but I am sure they were all great!

p.s. the 52 list project was inspired by listography 
and the amazing Andrea Jenkins, affectionately known as Hula.


mama bear said...

This is a great list, and have a happy birthday pretty lady!

the photo looks great :)

Elana said...

Hope the awesome celebrations continue this year and beyond! Happy Birthday!

J-Jones said...

Happy birthday! All of your birthday memories sound so fun and special. I hope the rest of my birthdays are as enjoyable.

Nicole said...

I know its a bit late..but Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!

Ruby said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had some awesome birthdays :) I've always wanted to take the train from cali to the east coast where i stay now. We did a car trip it was fun but i think train would be lots more fun.