Pinning my days away

I have been sucked into a world of pinning! A few weeks back I stumbled upon Pinterest and although it looked very pretty, I didn't give it much thought. This week I came across it again, and decided to join and give it a try. This was either the biggest mistake of the week or the greatest thing that has happened. Since I joined, I have been sucked into a world of pretty pictures, cute quotes, and all sorts of beautiful images. The site serves as a virtual inspiration board, you can make as many boards as you'd like with different focuses. I had to share with you all because if I am going to be such an unproductive person, I want y'all to be unproductive right along with me. If you already are pinning, send me your link so that I can follow you!

ps// journal challenge update coming soon!

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mama bear said...

I've heard of it. it's really pretty! I'll definitely look into it :)