One for the books!

How is everybody this fantastic Monday afternoon? I am enjoying my last day of spring, and last day as a twenty-eight year old at home with my little man trying to survive the heat. We had a fabulous weekend, so the laying on the couch with ice cold water is just what we needed today to be.

Ever since we shared that we were pregnant, all those months ago, it seems that our friends and family decided that it was the equivalent to SARS. Since then, we no longer got invited to go out to dinners, karaoke nights, movies, nothing. The only thing that has kept our social life from completely fading has been hosting our own entertainment nights, and that is exactly what we did Saturday night.

Saturday the husband and I cooked some turkey burgers up and invited the cousins over for a game night. It was incredibly successful, even though the power was out for an hour or so. Alonzo seemed to enjoy the company as well, he stayed wide awake through round after round of Scattergories.

The following day we all enjoyed a nice family church time, which isn't nearly as tough as I expected church with a newborn to be. Alonzo loves looking around at all of the decor and people that the church has to offer. After mass we headed to the mall for some last minute shopping before taking Alonzo to his second month photo shoot at JCP. Last month's pictures were so adorable that we decided to get his portrait taken every month, and since my brother Eric works at the portrait studio, it makes it so much more fun.

I have to admit that last months shoot went a little smoother than this months. This time around Eric was able to get a few shots done before Alonzo decided he was too tired to cooperate. He decided that he wanted to frown and cry instead of giving us smiles. Dad stepped in to hold him in an attempt to save the shoot, but baby still wasn't feeling it, so Mommy had to step in and rock baby to sleep. His 2nd month shoot turned into a family shoot, but we enjoyed it anyhow. I actually handled the meltdown a lot better than I though I would have, and we were able to get some adorable photos taken.

As if all of that action wasn't enough for a day, we had one more stop to make before we could make it home to relax. There was a Father's Day & June Birthday's celebration at my aunt's home. The food was yummy, the company was great, and best of all, there were tons of arms and smooches ready to embrace my baby boy. This gave my dear hubby and me just enough adult time to bring us to a normal functioning state, well as normal as we two can be.

After all of that, mommy and baby time is exactly what I want today to be. Maybe we will even take a little nap, gotta take advantage of my last couple of weeks home with my little lovebug.


Call Me Bright ッ said...

you guys look like an amazing family.. it looks like you guys were having a blast..!

J-Jones said...

The pictures are adorable. Alonzo is growing up so fast! said...

how adorable! hes so little and i know how you feel:/ but it gets better

mama bear said...

Lovely photos! Alonzo looks super adorable in the photos! God bless him Jessica :D

Melissa said...

Aww your baby boy is growing so fast. He's adorable! :)

Make use of family to get some date nights in. It's so important to have some alone time with your hubby.I wish we had that resource. I have yet to leave my baby girl and shes almost 18 months old. Haven't left her one time. I wish we had family around that could watch her but we're all alone up her in Sacramento :(

Melissa Robinson :)

Ruby said...

your little one is too cute for words i've got baby fever all over again! You have a gorgeous family! enjoy your last couple weeks with them I know I remember not wanted to go back to work after my son was born. Thanks so much for visiting my blog I look forward to keeping in touch.