One Day, Two Down

A woman can only take so many afternoons locked up in a house with a two-month old. Today was a day of great escape from our daily routine. After dropping off the hubby at work, My brother and cousin met up with baby and me for a day of shopping. We got the oil changed, grabbed breakfast, and hit the stores. I went crazy shopping for my two men, and I found a couple of things for myself as well. I swear that I wanted to buy the whole baby section of H&M! They have the cutest little outfits there. I think that baby boy enjoyed his time shopping because he did want to nap the whole time we were out. He dozed off a few times, but nothing could match the comfort of his swing, so he stayed awake and hung out with the big kids.

One the way out of the mall we spotted a little photobooth, and although it was not a traditional photobooth, I think that this will count as a check off of my Summer-to-do-list!

After all of the hours of shopping, we picking up Anthony from work. On the way home we decided to stop by the Farmers Market and grab some baked potatoes for diner, they were so huge and so delicious! I love summertime because it brings on the Soledad Farmers Market and all the yummy fruit and food. And I get to cross off a second item from my Summer-to-do-list, dinner at Farmers Market. Two down, eighteen to go.

How is your summer treating ya?


Elya said...

I know exactly what you mean! When my son was a baby I thought I would go crazy surrounded by babyness while everyone was at work. I enjoyed it at the same time.We definitely took many trips to the zoo!

mama bear said...

That first photo is super adorable!!!

and I love Farmers Market! can't wait to visit one here where I live at now :)

P.S I know what you mean...
I took my little bee out when she was a month in a half. I couldn't take being locked up all the time!

J-Jones said...

The pictures are adorable! I'm glad you finally got to go out. And yummm! I love potatoes. :]