Mommy needs a bandage for her heart.

Yesterday my little baby boy had his two month check up. I knew that this meant shots were coming his way, so pre-appointment we took baby shopping as a way to say "Sorry for what's to come." I know he didn't understand, but it made me feel a little less guilty. I found him the cutest bib I have ever seen, it says "Star of Mommy's blog" on it, how freakin' appropriate is that! After the shopping we grabbed something to eat and took baby to his pediatricians office.

He was all smiles through his whole exam. They told us that his growth was right on track, and his pediatrician was impressed with his hand coordination. She said that what he was doing usually didn't come until about 3 months of age, so he was advanced. After all of that, he had to get his vaccinations. I had been stressing about this appointment for so long, and when they stuck baby he screamed and started to cry. Between shots he looked like he was going to calm down, and then they stuck him again. Anthony and I were holding him in place so he wouldn't jerk, and it broke my heart to see his poor little eyes swell up with tears. I was so so very sad that my little one had to deal with this. I know babies get this done everyday, but when it's your little honey bun, it seems like torture.

Once we got home, Alonzo was a little emotional, and for a while nothing would sooth him. My husband brought in the fan and I rocked baby until he finally fell asleep. I held my little papas in my arms all night until it was time to go to sleep, and then I put him in bed with us. I think the greatest feeling came to me when I realized that the only thing that would make him feel better was being with mommy and daddy. It sounds a little lame, but everyone needs to feel needed every once in a while, and I was so happy that I could be there for my little cutie pie.

Also, check out this milestone video!


mama bear said...

WHEN CAN I GO VISIT!? oh my God Jessica, I'm in love with Alonzo! He is super adorable. I just want to hold him in my arms, and I know how you feel about the shots, I used to feel the same way with bee!

P.S the mommy blog bib? GENIUS!

love, keys said...

ah i hate being there for the shots ( i was there with my niece) i jsut wanted to grab her away and kiss her all over! Alonzo is SOOOO adorable sooooo can i have him? :) haha

Army of Moms said...

He is adorable! Following you form MBC. Check me out at

Lady Emma said...

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Melissa said...

Before having Doll Face, I didn't get why mom's used to get teary eyed when talking about their babies getting shots. I actually was confused and thought that they were lame emotional creatures. Little did I know. LOL Now that I have my own little one, life is completely different and I "get it". Amazing what becoming a parent does to us, isn't it?

I think having your own child makes you appreciate other children and mommies. My heart breaks everytime I watch the news.

Don't worry, the shots will get easier. It's for his best interest and as a parent, you will have to do things that hurt you to your core, in the best interest of your child. I feel horrible when I scold my Doll Face but it has to be done if she is going to grow into a productive member of society

Mommy tip #5: Give baby boy a dose of Tylenol or whatever pain med you have at home for him when you go to the doctor right before his shots. It helps to prevent uncomfortable babies. The Tylenol kicks in just as the side effects do. I've been doing that for Doll Face since she was a baby and its worked miracles... no cranky baby.

PS that bib is ADORABLE. perfectly fitting! :)

Baby boy has such a good Mommy & Daddy.. :)

Hey Jess, can you email me, so I can invite you to my blog. I completely lost your email address and since I am not on Facebook, I'd love to still be in contact with you. :)

Elya said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean! I hated taking my son to get his shots :-(
I am loving the video!

L.A. Sherman -- Author said...

nice blog! And cute pictures. found you through mom bloggers. when you get time, please follow back. Thanks.

Nicole said...

Aww! Cute bib! I remember when my Abby got her shots. Wow the part where they stick them really does hurt you and then having to hold them down! I've always wondered why they made US hold them down lol Thats great you held him to sleep :) My poor baby girl cried her eyes out and pedi said no baby tylenol only if she has a fever. But my baby girl was in so much pain I had to go straight to the store and buy it. She felt MUCH better. She was pretty hot though so maybe it was a baby fever. But it did help her. Pedi also told me not to rub her legs or touch them. Grrrrr lol glad thats all and over with :) Now we're waiting on I think her 4 month shots. Oh my!! lol

jillconyers said...

He is adorable! Hi from a new reader and now follower from MBC.

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Olivia Grace said...

He is precious! Those shots are NO fun, hope he is feeling better:)