Love It!

Our little one month old, almost two, has a few favorite items that I would love to share with you all. When I was pregnant with Alonzo we bought a bunch of junk, and out of all of the toys and gadgets, these have proven to be the best buys.

  1. Osh Kosh B'gosh Overalls. These may be more of a mommy favorite, but he seems to enjoy them as well. I think that babies look absolutely adorable in overalls.
  2. Boppy. This was originally purchased to help me hold him up while nursing, but since we are pumping I thought that this was going to go to waste. Thankfully Alonzo has enjoyed taking supervised naps in this cozy little cuddler. He has never slept better.
  3. Ikea Rattle. Recently Alonzo has shown interest in a few of his toys, and the little green monster rattle is the only toy that we can get him to hold on to. He loves putting it in his mouth and hugging it. Mommy and Daddy love shaking it and making it dance for him, this brings on loads of precious giggles.
  4. Snugabunny Swing. Since day one his swing has been his favorite place to be. I admit sometimes I envy the swing because it seems that baby boy prefers it to our arms.
  5. Crib Mobile. The mobile was one of the last items that we purchased for Alonzo. We didn't really think that it was necessary, but when we put baby down for a changing the mobile is the only thing that keeps him from screaming at us. My only regret with the mobile is that we bought a cheap wind-up one, and every few minutes we have to wind it up. I may have to search for a plug-in or battery mobile.
  6. Moby Wrap. I love the idea of "wearing" your baby, so when our friend Kodi gifted us our Moby Wrap, I was so excited. Alonzo loves snuggling up with us on shopping trips, and it is so much easier to move around with the wrap instead of pushing around a stroller. 
What baby gear have you mommas found to be true lifesavers and baby pleasers?


Laura said...

You can't go wrong with Oskosh B'Gosh! My sister and I LIVED in those as babies and toddlers!

mama bear said...

1 & 6 are my favorite!!!