List 02: Things to do this summer

  1. Take some time out and nap.
  2. Day trip to Santa Cruz
  3. Drink lots of lemonade
  4. Wear sundresses and floral prints
  5. Back Roads trip with the windows down
  6. Beach time with the fam
  7. Go swimming in Bako
  8. Family Game Nights
  9. Have a tequila sunrise snow cone
  10. Work on my tan
  11. Have dinner at Farmers Market
  12. Take a bike ride
  13. Walk Cannery Row in Monterey
  14. Have a bowl of Clam Chowder
  15. Get my face painted
  16. Find a photo booth
  17. Spend a day with a yellow balloon (personal sun)
  18. Water Balloon Fight
  19. Family BBQ
  20. Go to a baseball game


Melissa said...

I love your list!!! It sounds like soooo much fun! :D

mama bear said...

In LOVE with this list love! it's so fun :)

P.S your button is adorable! make me one pretty please?

Laura said...

What a great idea, to have a to do list for summer. And it looks like you're well on your way!