Beautiful Moments

Life as mom has been absolutely amazing these past few days. Out of all of the awesome things we get to do together with baby, I have found that taking Alonzo in the shower with me is one of my favorite thing ever. I think the only thing that I love more is watching baby boy sleep on my chest, especially when he cracks little smiles. But back to the shower thing, he totally loves the shower. I was nervous the first time I took him in with me, but he just relaxes and gets all cuddle-bunny-ish. I knew that motherhood would hold tons of great moments, but each moment has been truly knocking me off my feet. I love this little boy!

Also, this weekend was Alonzo's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's. One of my friends held his sons' birthday party there on Saturday, and Alonzo was totally digging it. There was something about all of the noise and colors that kept Baby distracted, I see many more trips to visit that mouse in our future.


Laura said...

So fun!! And I love that you posted that cute shower picture :).

In other news, I passed the Versatile Blog Award on to you! Stop by and pick it up! Happy blogging :).

mama bear said...

ADORABLE! i love the chuck e cheese prints n that first photo is priceless :)

love, keys said...

that first photo is SO precious!