A home full of joy

My days have been full of toothless smiles, tiny fighting fists, and wild screams, and they have been the most incredible days of my life. Although my new role as mommy has kept me away from all of my lovely blogging sisters and everyone in my real world life, I would not trade my confined days for any amount of freedom.

Today we had a few lively house guests. It was so much fun watching my godson and niece poking at Baby and it was so cute the way they gave me play by play of his every move. Babies are amazing, even to little people who were just babies a few years ago. Our visit was a great way to kick off the week.

This week is Anthony's last week home with us before he has to head back to work. The past month has passed us by so quickly, I am so sad thinking of Anthony heading back to work, and then eventually heading back to work myself. I know Alonzo will be cared for no matter what, but I am so used to having him with us, it's like nobody else will be able to care for him like his momma and papa. I am so thankful that we have had this much time to love, care, and bond with our baby. I must admit the first week I was counting down my day until I got to go back to work, staying at home was so much more work. As time passed and we got used to his favorite toys and baby gear things got easier. We now have a little routine down and our days are pretty smooth. It's finally starting to feel like this really is our life.

Well gals, speaking of routine, it is a few minutes out from feeding time, so I will catch up with you all soon... I hope!


LaLa said...

OMG!!!First let me confess that I feel like the worst possible friend.. I have yet to meet my little nephew or seen my sister peggy.. besides pics online that don't really count.. makes me sad :( but I will say this HE IS PERFECT and sooooooo handsome OMG! awe I can't wait to see more post, you can do it, if I did it with my crazy life you can too my love! I miss you so much and we seriously SERIOUSLY need to plan my next trip out! I love you to death J! <3

mama bear said...

awe, I know you must be so happy! I love this photo, and i hope to meet you and your entire family soon :)