So, California will just disappear?

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So my lovely husband is a little bit of a nerd, and one of the things he happens to love watching is this crazy decoded show on the History Channel. Well, today he watched an episode he had on DVR about some stones in Georgia, and now I am so depressed and scared.

Pretty much the whole thing everyone on the show was talking about was how NASA said that next year the Sun is going to be doing some crazy stuff where whatever is coming off of the Sun will interfere with the Earth's magnetic field and cause power outages across whole countries. As you can imagine that would pretty much mean CHAOS for the World. On top of that, the people on the show kept talking about all of these ancient civilizations and groups of scientist and crazy people that all agree on this one point.

It started off like "yeah, whatever"  then I started to think about it more and more. What if something like this does happen, I mean it is totally possible. What if right when we are starting our family, some great natural disaster occurs and wipes us out. The map they were showing has most of the West Coast, Mississippi, Florida, and north eastern states GONE. If that were to happen, all of the dreams and hopes I have for my little new family would just be lost.

My mind is telling me that all that talk means nothing, but my heart and imagination will not stop racing. I am in the worst mood ever right now, AND I AM NOT ONE TO EVER  BELIEVE ANY OF THIS KIND OF STUFF! Grr... husband isn't going to get any kisses tonight for making me paranoid.

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Laura said...

I'm questioning my viewing of hours of crime shows as I've been home sick all day. Maybe not the best idea.

But remember - first of all - worry won't help. Secondly - if your whole family is "wiped out" won't you just be going home with Jesus? I would say that's not the worst thing! And, haven't they been talking about this for eons and nothing has happened?