It's a new day

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After the few hours of terror I had last night, my husband and I had the most amazing talk and I am so over sinking into the Pacific Ocean. He had been trying to figure out what to say to comfort me, so I asked him to just tell me what he truly was thinking and he gave me like the most perfect answers.

Anthony reminded me in the middle of my Armageddon panic, that we are only living through part of our journey here on Earth. The rest of our spiritual lives still remain to be experienced in some distant bubble that us wacky Christians like to call Heaven.

When my day comes, I hope that my son is well taken cared of, and loved whole heartedly by someone left behind. Until that day, I plan to live my life with as much love, joy, and passion as possible.

I Love this guy!
Thank you Lord for another wonderful day of life and for my amazing husband.

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bee said...

it's good to appreciate. thanks for sharing this because i know my bee will be in that future as well. when are you due by the way?